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An Open Year

It's been about a year since my last post, mostly frustrated with Chef as a beginner. Now I spend most of my day writing cookbooks and recipes. In fact I am even helping the Lead Dev at work learn Chef and got back from Chef conference. There I met a lot of amazing people and even offered to help maintain BSD support in chef.

This post isn't about that so much. It's mostly about a behavior I noticed I picked up. When I worked for Stephens Media I spent a lot of my energy trying to contribute, in posts, open source, pull requests, ect. Then when I moved to my time was really sucked up. I drifted from working on Pelican and stopped doing as many pull requests. At some time I set up a personally hosted Stash instance. Then I locked that stash instance off behind a login. Then I started writing in my private confluence instead of here. Now all my projects these days are All Rights I noticed... hmph.

I don't know exactly what triggered this sharephobia but it needs to stop. I almost think it's some weird greed involving my personal time and effort but if I was greedy wouldn't I want people fixing up my code for me? Is there some revolutionary private research in all this that makes me more valuable? I think showing off my abilities and progress makes me more valuable.

I'm just currently working on pulling all my code out of my stash and putting it onto github, with a much better BSD license. I'm remembering what the subtitle of my blog really means.

I've spent a lot of time studying Ruby since I finished my DBA course. There is still a lot of areas where Chef could use improvements and I plan to do a lot about it. We are going to make BSD a first class citizen with Chef and hopefully many of it's tools and cookbooks too.1

Remember when I used to post monthly? Hahahaha. I don't want to use this as a journal, I already have one of those but I wanted to give a bigger picture life update since I am updating pages and testing my jenkins build trigger with github ;p

  1. I have always preferred UNIX to Linux. My first sysadmin job was a Solaris Admin, a job I did for a long time. With the advent of SystemD I've gone back to my love in the form of BSD. 

Now with less dynamics

I've been stalling a lot on writing this post. I guess I wanted everything to be perfect by the time I actually wrote about it however my willpower to finish these test cases is weak.

The site has now changed, yet again. I decided not to wait 5 years between refreshes this time.

The biggest change people should notice is at first glance you shouldn't notice change. When you click around it should be easy to realize that the site isn't WordPress based anymore though. I've switched over to Pelican. The project still feels very young and small, but it's done in python and the developers are very active and open to submissions so I jumped in.

It's took some wiggling around to get into it, and lots of bashing on my old chunk theme to get it to look perfect in Pelican but in the end I really like the fact I did a lot of back end work to the system. I submitted my theme to the official Theme's repo and am currently working on adding in several features of my own to the project... and by several I mean I have a to-do list longer than most any of my own software by far.


Small Update

I haven’t posted in a while because I am working on redoing this site. Once I am done with the backend I will start updating regularly.