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Things that are not happening for 100, Alex

A: Importing this content into the new site was attempted only for a few moments before a review of it's nature and amount had it canceled.

Q: What is, BunnyMan's old LJ?


Wow. No, not happening. I still have it all backed up but I think all that old content will stay back there. I am currently trying to set this up so I can post my mostly private journal here as well as posting public news and information. LJ will not be getting 100% of the content I post, but it still will get some updates. The dawn of handpicked RSS content and feeds has consumed community and "friend based" feeds and for the most part I think we are better for it. I'm getting on the ship.


Another new site, another clean slate ready to be filled with so much information!

I will try to make this site as little about the drivel, porn, rage, and trolls that the rest of the internet seems to amuse itself about. This site is going to be all about the things that really interest me. Currently those things are Fiction, Writing, Technology, writing fiction, and Productivity… There also may be stuff about glitchy painful music and podcasts.

My old site is archived safe and while most of the old links may be gone feel free to check it out. It highlights one of the busiest and most externally exciting period of my life where photography and music production was every facet of my life. You can also feel free to ask questions if you really care. I don't expect this site to get too much traffic.